What does Live Escape Game mean?

Everything you can just experience on the computer screen is real now. In a real room you can find solutions for all the riddles.

Where does the game idea come from?

The idea comes from computer gaming, in which the aim is to solve a certain goal in a given time. For example in the games of Professor Layton.

Who will enjoy this game?

This game is suitable for everyone who likes complicated riddles and who does not always think straight. You do not need certain qualifications. For the need of adrenalin – the clock is ticking.

Are there age restrictions?

We recommend the game for people from the age of 10. All participants under the age of 16 must come with an adult guidance. There is no age limit, so get your granny to solve the riddle.

How do we get to the play rooms?

The rooms are located on the first floor, you can exit them over a staircase. At the moment there is no suitable way for people with disabilities, sorry for that. Die Räume liegen im ersten Stock und sind über eine Treppe zu erreichen. Ein per Rollstuhl befahrbarer Weg oder Aufzug ist leider in diesem Gebäude nicht vorhanden. Wir bitten diesbezüglich um Verständnis.

Do I need to bring anything special?

There are no special items you need to take with you. Everything you need, is within the rooms or we will hand it to you. We recommend comfortable clothes. There are no exercises where you will make your hands dirty, don’t worry.

How much time will it take?

The Event should take approximately 90 minutes. A maximum of 60 minutes for the game and some time to prepare and to reflect. If you can solve the riddle in less than 60 minutes and leave the room – Fantastic! But we will take care, so this will not happen too often.

What happens when we arrive too late?

Please come on time. In many cases the room is already booked for another group shortly after. So we will need to shorten the time you can spent in the room, and you will have less time to solve the mystery.

What happens if we can not solve the riddles after 60 minutes?

What a pity! But don’t worry, we will open the door after 60 minutes.

How big ist he ideal team?

The best team size is 3-5 players, but it depends on the room size and the amount of riddles. With less participants the game will get harder to win. But if you are courageous enough you can book a room, starting at 2 people.

Can I play one room more than once?

We do not recommend the same team to play the same room. If you know the solutions you will have less fun. But with every player in the game the solutions found can be different.Please do not tell your friends too much about the solutions otherwise they will have less fun playing the game.

Is the game safe?

Don’t worry the doors are not locked from the outside. In the case of an emergency you can leave the room right away. In every room there is CCTV surveillance so that a co-worker is always keeping an eye on you.

Can I eat, drink and some during the game?

No, eating drinking and smoking is harshly prohibited in these rooms.There is no exit to the rooms if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How do I pay?

The payment is handled exclusively cash-free: This means you transfer money in advance, pay with GiroPay or use a PayPal account(even with credit card). Payments are also accepted without prior PayPal – registration. We do not accept EC-/Maestro-Cards. Only when the payment is due the reservation is compulsory. If you have problems in the payment process, please write us an e-mail.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can only cancel your appointment until 72 hours beforehand. There is a 25€ fee (for each booked room) for the processing of the cancellation.

Can I buy vouchers?

Yes, you can buy vouchers online.

Can I have a companyincentive or a bithday party in one of your rooms?

These kind of events are possible, please sent us an inquiry stating your wishes, especially if you would like to play with larger groups.

I still have one question….

Please write us a mail, so that no questions remain unanswered.